Primary Sources: Second Grade Kit (Spanish)

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  • Grade: 2
  • Interest Level: 1-4
  • Item: 111613
  • ISBN: 9780743915243
  • Language: Spanish

Build social studies content-area literacy in history, civics, economics, and government by integrating primary sources into the classroom! This Spanish kit uses original documents, maps, pamphlets, advertisements, photographs, and other authentic, engaging resources to capture students' curiosity about the past and promote critical thinking as they analyze past events.

Second grade students will learn to "think like historians" as they delve into the following topics: families then and now; North American geography; consumers and producers; how people use the land; resolving international problems; food production and consumption; men and women who changed the world; and more. Bring social studies topics to life with this comprehensive, grade-level kit that is aligned to state and national standards.

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Series highlights include:

  • 8 Photo Cards
  • 8 Primary Sources
  • Teacher's Guide with easy-to-use lessons and document-based assessments
  • Digital Resources
Primary Sources: Second Grade Kit (Spanish)

8 Photo Cards

Make social studies content accessible and engaging to students with the photo cards in each Primary Sources kit. Each photo card has four general areas on the back for teacher and student use.

The top of the card has a brief Historical Background Information section. Along the left side of the card is the Analyzing History section. This includes questions and activities designed to make students analyze what they see and learn.

In the Historical Writing section, students are given two writing assignments, one fiction and one nonfiction. Finally, the History Challenge section offers fun extension ideas for students.

Primary Sources: Second Grade Kit (Spanish)

Primary Sources

Primary Source Cards

  • Provide historical context and detailed, historical background information for teachers and students
  • Focus on inquiry and analysis
  • Include questions and activities designed to help students analyze what they see and learn
  • Extend the learning experience through focused writing activities

Primary Source Reproductions

  • Provide a deeper and more comprehensive view of historical events
  • Give students an opportunity to participate in the constructive process of history
  • Facilitate opportunities to study multiple perspectives, determine validity of sources, look at current issues through a historical lens, and compare and contrast information
Primary Sources: Second Grade Kit (Spanish)

Teacher's Guide

Give teachers the tools to breathe life into history. The Teacher's Guide provides extensive details about each component in the kit. Lesson plans are organized with objectives, materials, discussion questions, suggestions for using the primary sources, and extension ideas. Historical background pages are provided to give teachers and students information about each of the primary sources being studied.
Primary Sources: Second Grade Kit (Spanish)

Digital Resources

  • Digital copies of all photographs and primary sources
  • Bonus photographs and primary sources
  • Student reproducibles
Primary Sources: Second Grade Kit (Spanish)
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