Ripple Effect (library bound)

  • Grade: 3-6
  • Guided Reading Level: Q-V
  • ISBN: 9781480742161
  • Language: ENG
SCUBA diving in the Pacific. Tuna-salad sandwiches. An underwater lab. Life can't get any better for Sidney Jamison. But it can definitely get weirder. When Sidney, Penny, and Hari are invited to help the marine biologists at WAVElab study the mysterious deaths of deep-water fish, they find more questions than answers. How did a prehistoric fish land in the lab? Why are scientists disappearing from the underwater habitat? What happens if parallel universes exist -- and the creatures that live in them have an appetite that's out of this world?
Retail Price: $26.96 /ea
School Library Price: $19.96/ea
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