Snakes Up Close and The Snake's Diary by Little Yellow 6-Pack

  • Grade: 2
  • Lexile: 450L-500L
  • Guided Reading Level: J
  • ISBN: 9781493809332
  • Language: English

Learn all about snakes with this fiction and nonfiction pair. This double 6-Pack includes six copies of The Snake's Diary by Little Yellow and Snakes Up Close, as well as accompanying lesson plans. The Snake's Diary by Little Yellow is a fun fictional story that teaches children what it's like to be a growing snake. Little Yellow wonders if he will grow up to shed his skin and become green. Snakes Up Close is the perfect nonfiction resource to pair with this charming fictional tale. This fact-filled title uses bright, vivid images in conjunction with descriptive and informative language to teach readers about snakes and let them decide if they think these cold-blooded reptiles would make good pets.

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