Take-Home Backpacks: Grade 8-9

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  • Grade: 8-9
  • Item: 29776
  • ISBN: 9781425821555
  • Language: English

Keep students reading over the summer, prevent summer learning loss, and prepare them for the upcoming school year! This take-home backpack equips parents with the essential tools they need to support their children and boost student achievement to prepare them for ninth grade. Featuring TIME© nonfiction titles, the high-interest texts will keep students engaged in reading grade-appropriate content that supports STEM education on topics that include history, biography, culture, and health.

Take-Home Backpack: Grades 8-9 includes:

  • Writing Journal
  • Parent Tip Card - provides tips for parents to engage with their students while using the books
  • Four TIME© Nonfiction Readers
    • Power of Patterns: Fractals
    • Safe & Sound: Our Health
    • Surprising Things We Do for Beauty
    • True Life: Alexander Hamilton
  • Kids Learn! Getting Ready for High School
    • Parent-involvement resource with tips and strategies for parents
    • Reading, writing, and mathematics activities
    • Suggestions for family activities that provide fun, real-world learning opportunities
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