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Take-Home Backpacks: Preschool

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  • Grade: PK
  • Item: 29766
  • ISBN: 9781425821456
  • Language: English

Prepare young learners for the transition from preschool to kindergarten with materials that support the development of foundational skills! This backpack equips parents with the essential tools they need to support their children, solidify the concepts learned in preschool, and prepare students for success in kindergarten. The engaging books build basic reading and language development skills through nursery rhymes and traditional songs that are familiar to children.

Take-Home Backpack: Grades PreK-K includes:

  • Parent Tip Card
  • Writing Journal
  • Four Early Childhood Themes books at appropriate reading levels
  • Kids Learn! Getting Ready for Kindergarten
    • Parent-involvement resource with tips and strategies for parents
    • Reading, writing, and mathematics activities
    • Suggestions for family activities that provide fun, real-world learning opportunities
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