Take-Home Backpacks: (Second Language Support) Grade 7-8

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  • Grade: 7-8
  • Item: 29786
  • ISBN: 9781425821654
  • Language: English

Keep students reading over the summer, prevent summer learning loss, and prepare them for the upcoming school year! Designed for English language learners and their families, this take-home backpack equips Spanish-speaking parents with the essential tools they need to support their children, boost student achievement, and build knowledge in key areas of learning to prepare them for eighth grade. Featuring TIME For Kids© titles, the high-interest texts will keep students engaged in reading grade-appropriate content and topics that include biography, math, coding, and themes in young adult literature.

Take-Home Backpack: (Second Language Support) Grades 7-8 includes:

  • Writing Journal
  • Parent Tip Card (Spanish Version)
  • 4 TIME For Kids© Nonfiction Readers
  • Kids Learn! Getting Ready for Eighth Grade (Bilingual Version)
    • Parent resource with parent/student instructions in both Spanish and English
    • Reading, writing, and math activities in English
    • Suggestions for family activities that provide fun, real-world learning opportunities
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