Teaching through Text Sets: Ancient Rome Kit

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  • Grade: 6-8
  • Interest Level: 5-12
  • ISBN: 9781480743366
  • Language: English

Guide students toward college and career readiness while promoting content-area literacy with these thematically grouped texts. Authentic fiction and nonfiction texts in multiple genres and modalities provide a staircase of complexity. Teaching Through Text Sets: Ancient Rome provides engaging opportunities for students to build content knowledge, analyze craft and structure, and integrate knowledge and ideas. Students will read from multiple perspectives, respond to text-dependent questions, analyze craft and structure, and integrate knowledge and ideas. This kit includes:

  • Read Aloud Introductory Text
    • Gladiator: Fight for Freedom
  • Anchor Text (24 copies)
    • Rome
  • 3 Supporting Texts 6 copies each)
    • The Twelve Tables excerpts
    • Pliny the Younger letter
    • Which Way to Roman Art? - nonfiction text card
  • Extension Text (6 copies each)
    • Pandora
  • Teacher's Guide (48 pages)
  • Digital resources
  • Audio CD
  • Multiple assessment options

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Series highlights include:

  • Read Aloud Introductory Text to capture student attention and activate prior knowledge
  • Anchor Text that covers the content-area concepts related to the theme (24 copies)
  • 3 Supporting Texts that include primary sources (6 copies)
  • Extension Texts in a reader's theater format
  • Teacher's Guide with easy-to-use lessons that focus on reading, writing, and content activities
  • Assessments including a culminating project-based activity
  • Digital Resources including an Interactiv-eBook to engage students
Teaching through Text Sets: Ancient Rome Kit

Read Aloud Introductory Text

Colorful and engaging, this Introductory Text is used to capture student attention and activate prior knowledge.

Anchor Text

The Anchor Text covers the content-area concepts related to the themes and builds students' content knowledge; each kit includes 24 copies.

3 Supporting Texts

Short, appropriately complex Supporting Texts help guide students through close readings to answer text-dependent questions; each kit includes 6 copies.

Extension Text

Extend conceptual understanding through collaboration and performance. Each kit includes 6 copies.

Teacher's Guide

Build depth of knowledge with authentic fiction and nonfiction texts that teach students how to climb the staircase of complexity to achieve college and career readiness. Easy-to-use lessons focus on reading, writing, content activities, and language objectives to help students address complex texts. Teachers will be able to assess not only the content-area knowledge gained by students through activities and text dependent questions, but also the English language arts skills used for communicating that knowledge.

Teacher's Guide


Assess student learning with the project-based Culminating Unit Assessment. In this summative assessment, students answer the Essential Question by producing one of the three suggested projects. Graphic organizers and rubrics are included to support students in this process. Additionally, teachers monitor student learning with activity sheets and progress checks.


An Interactiv-eBook of each Anchor Text supports students' exploration of the content through video, audio, and other digital functions.

Digital Resources

  • Interactiv-eBook of Anchor Texts
  • PDFs of key texts suitable for interactive whiteboard use
  • PDFs of student activity sheets
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