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Kelli Allen

Kelli Allen, M.S., teaches at the University of Texas at Austin and is a National Board Certified Teacher with over fifteen years of classroom teaching experience. Kelli received the National RadioShack Teacher Award in 2004, and was a National GIFT Fellow from Verizon in 2001. She was named the Outstanding Young Educator for Kansas and was a Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominee in 2001.

Titles From This Author

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    Understanding Learning Styles: Making A…

    Grade: PK-12

    Understanding Learning Styles: Making A Difference for Diverse Learners

    Grade: PK-12

    • Interest Level: PK-12
    • Item Number: 50046
    • ISBN: 9781425800468

    Price: $29.99

    This resource helps teachers determine the learning style of each student and the appropriate delivery methods to target and address the needs of as many of the intelligences as possible.

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