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180 Days of Problem Solving for Kindergarten

ISBN: 9781425816124
Jessica Hathaway

Demystify word problems with this classroom resource that provides daily practice for boosting problem solving skills. With the changes in math standards, there is a greater need for teachers to implement lessons that provide a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. The 180 Days of Problem Solving goes beyond routine word problems to offer daily opportunities to strengthen reasoning skills. Aligned with national standards, this comprehensive resource prepares students for college and career readiness.

  • Students will use visual representations, analyze various approaches to solving routine and non-routine problems, and see how these skills apply in real-life situations
  • Weekly lesson plan equips teachers with a thematic unit that hones in on a standards-aligned skill
  • Throughout the unit week, easy-to-use lessons outline activities to strengthen critical thinking and reasoning skills with multi-step, higher-level problems

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