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180 Days of Social-Emotional Learning for Kindergarten

ISBN: 9781087649696

This item is estimated to be available in August 2021. Please contact customer service at 800-858-7339 to pre-order.

This social and emotional learning (SEL) workbook for kindergarten students provides daily activities to learn about emotions, actions, relationships, and decision making.

180 Days of Social and Emotional Learning:

  • Uses daily activities to promote students' self-awareness, analyze relationships, discover diverse perspectives, and apply what they have learned
  • Builds student's confidence in self-reflection and growth through the use of fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Makes at-home learning, whole class instruction, or small group support, quick and easy
  • Connections will be made to the CASEL competencies, mindfulness, and key affective education initiatives

Parents appreciate the teacher-approved activity books that keep their child engaged and learning. Great for homeschooling, to reinforce learning at school, and build connections between home and school.

Teachers rely on the daily practice workbooks to save them valuable time. The ready to implement activities are perfect to introduce SEL topics for discussion.

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