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La historia de las innovaciones victorianas: Fracciones equivalentes ebook

ISBN: 9781425823498

What do soccer, steam trains, and the gramophone have in common? They're all innovations of the Victorian Age! This intriguing Spanish title teaches readers about England during the reign of Queen Victoria, and the new inventions and new ways of thinking that emerged. Students will build literacy and math content knowledge with high-interest, appropriately leveled math readers featuring problem solving and real-world connections. This full-color book teaches students about equivalent fractions, introducing them to new concepts and vocabulary terms. Let's Explore Math sidebars and the Problem Solving section provide ample opportunities for students to practice what they have learned. Primary sources like maps, images, and illustrations will engage students and make learning about fractions fun and enjoyable. Text features such as a glossary, index, bold print, and a table of contents increase understanding and build academic vocabulary. The DOK-leveled Math Talk section includes questions that facilitate mathematical discourse and activities that students can respond to at home or school. Learning fractions is fun and easy with this engaging grade 3 math reader!

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