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TIME FOR KIDS Practicing for STAAR Success: Reading: Grade 3

ISBN: 9781425835149

Boost third graders' knowledge base and prepare them for the STAAR Reading test while expanding their knowledge bases. By implementing this resource into instruction, students will sharpen their comprehension and critical-thinking skills to build the stamina necessary to succeed on the state test. Featuring TIME for Kids content, this resource offers high-interest informational texts, engaging literature passages, and poems. Questions are carefully crafted to guide students as they approach the texts and share their understanding.

These practice exercises help students with skills such as the following:

  • making inferences and drawing conclusions
  • analyzing the development of ideas or characters
  • identifying author's viewpoint
  • identifying main idea, theme, and supporting details
  • This must-have resource is perfect to help promote the use of skills needed for success in the 21st century.

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