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TIME FOR KIDS STEAM Grades 2-3 Spanish, 8-Book Set

ISBN: 9781493887774

Build literacy skills while introducing students to STEAM topics! Featuring TIME For Kids content, this 8-Book Set will keep students reading from cover to cover. These nonfiction Spanish readers feature high-interest topics including tongue twisters, alpha animals, 20th century inventions, and more. Informational text features include a table of contents, glossary, index, and reader's guide to increase comprehension and keep students connected to the text. The dynamic images and detailed, factual sidebars will engage students in reading and learning as they develop their higher-order thinking skills. The texts support STEAM education, align with state and national standards, and feature complex and rigorous content. Titles include (titles may vary):

  • Manualidades: Diseños con alheña (Make It: Henna Designs)
  • La vida en números: Los haikús (Life in Numbers: Write Haiku)
  • ¡Comunícate! Trabalenguas (Communicate! Tongue Twisters)
  • ¡No te limites! Nuevas ideas (Outside the Box: New Ideas!)
  • Conteo: Los biomas de la Tierra (Counting: Earth's Biomes)
  • La vida en números: La administración del tiempo (Life in Numbers: Managing Time)
  • El mundo de la tecnología: Los inventos del siglo XX (Tech World: 20th Century Inventions)
  • La hora de la verdad: Animales alfa (Showdown: Alpha Animals)