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Writing Is Magic, Or Is It? Using Mentor Texts to Develop the Writer's Craft ebook

ISBN: 9781425897550

Help students become strong writers and support their understanding of mentor texts with this practical, standards-based resource that dives deep into multiple genres such as poetry, narration, informational texts, literary nonfiction, and persuasion. Teach students how to read mentor texts for the purpose of writing as well as specific strategies that authors typically use in order to help students integrate their strategies into their own writing. This resource provides teachers with strategies and resources to encourage students to understand writing as a craft while using mentor texts to teach them different aspects of writing.

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Customer reviews:
By Tara B., June 19, 2018
5 out of 5 stars
There is so much information within these pages! I'm definitely going to put this to good use. In order for kids to become better writers, they need to see and learn how to do it, how others do it, through real writing. Only then, is learning authentic. I cannot wait to read this over the summer and use my learnings to help them become mini-authors over the coming year! The book also comes with a CD that includes a vatiety of texts in the following genres: poetry, narrative fiction, narrative nonfiction, informative/explanatory, and argument/opinion. Students are asked to close read the mentor text, analyze the strategy used, and apply it to their own writing. With the huge variety included, kids will be equipped with tools to survive any type of writing assignment, activity, or challenge. Highly recommended! Thank you!