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Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition

Efficiently integrate instruction in mathematics and language arts with high-interest math readers that focus on mathematical practices.

Help students explore mathematics in meaningful ways with fiction and nonfiction texts that promote problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning through real-world connections. Challenge students to use higher-order thinking while facilitating meaningful mathematical discourse.

Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition
Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition


These kits provide a dynamic blend of appropriately leveled reading materials and easy-to-use instructional resources.

  • High-interest topics keep students engaged in reading while learning key math concepts and vocabulary
  • Standards-based lessons address the instructional shifts of focus, coherence, and rigor
  • Make content meaningful with reading and writing activities in each lesson 
  • Build academic vocabulary and increase understanding with text features such as captions, bold print, glossary, and index 
  • Support English language learners and above-, on-, and below-grade level students with differentiation strategies

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