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  • Enhance instruction through meaningful tools to interact with the text, including embedded audio, video, student activities, voice-recording capabilities, digital assessments, and more.
  • Include three activities per book (one for word work, one for comprehension and one for writing) for practical application.
  • Used in group, paired, or individual setting for flexible and accessible implementation.
  • Interactiv-eBooks are perfect for blended learning experiences and to enhance the reading experience.
  • Use digital sticky notes to assess students' fluency and comprehension or utilize the recording tool to practice and evaluate fluent reading

Audio Recordings

  • Model fluent reading with audio recordings of books and poems.

Virtual Learning Support

  • Recorded video tutorials for synchronous and asynchronous learning to help teachers and instructional aides understand how to implement the program for best results.

Teacher's Guide

  • Provide teachers with the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively with easy-to-use, standards-based lesson plans.
  • .Facilitate instruction and save time with lesson plans that target key nonfiction skills and strategies.
  • Organized in a consistent format for easy-to-implement lessons for each book.
  • Lessons focus on two key nonfiction skills or strategies (activating prior knowledge, drawing inferences, questioning, synthesizing information, determining importance, or visualizing and monitoring comprehension) which helps students use those skills and strategies in all classes for deeper analysis, information synthesis, and evaluation of the content.
  • Trio of readers is accompanied by texts such as primary sources, articles, poems, and other text types for multiple options to maximize student interest and extend learning.

Assessment Guide

  • The Assessment Guide provides teachers with numerous opportunities for assessment in print and digital formats.
  • Includes research about assessments and how best to use the assessments to drive implementation and instruction.
  • Assessments include placement tests and formative and summative assessments Supplies oral reading record, multiple choice questions for each book, cited references, and answer keys for variety of assessment

Home-School Connections

  • Encourage parents and families to extend their child's reading development and build literacy skills at home with the Parent Tips booklet provided digitally within each Nonfiction Readers kit. Provided tips help develop reading skills at home. Strengthens school-home connections.
  • Tips and digital versions of each book can be printed and sent home for additional practice.


  • Integrate science, social studies, and math concepts and themes into your reading block with these dynamic and engaging nonfiction readers.
  • 15 titles, 6 copies each, 12-64 pages per book in print and digital formats.
  • High-interest content to help students develop vocabulary, comprehension and fluency skills.

Student Engagement

  • Develop reading skills gradually with trios of leveled books
  • Motivates reader to want to read high-interest content with engaging illustrations and photographs.
  • Growth as readers as they develop a love for reading.
  • Integrates science, social studies, and math concepts and themes for interesting and entertaining texts.
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