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Diane Nettles

Diane Nettles, Ph.D., is a professor at California University of Pennsylvania and teaches reading methods courses. She has written several books on literacy instruction and professional development, in addition to presenting numerous workshops to inservice teachers. She taught in grades 1 through 4 for seven years.

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Evangeline Newton

Evangeline Newton, Ph.D., University of Akron, is Professor of Literacy Education and Director of the Center for Literacy. She teaches literacy methods courses and conducts workshops for teachers on word study, comprehension, and guided reading.

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Rick M. Newton

Rick M. Newton, Ph.D., holds a doctoral degree in Greek and Latin from the University of Michigan and is now Professor Emeritus at Kent State University. He holds the Distinguished Teaching Award from the Kent State College of Arts and also teaches a popular and long-running course on vocabulary development.

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Maria Nichols

Maria Nichols, NBCT, is an elementary level literacy staff developer for San Diego City Schools. Previously, she was a classroom teacher for 15 years, including 3 years of professional development work and demonstration teaching at the district's Literacy Professional Development Center.

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Vicki Nieter

Vicki Nieter, Ed.D., is an assistant adjunct professor, Graduate Division of Education at St. John’s University, Queens, New York. Since 1976, Dr. Nieter has worked in education as a teacher, special educator, administrator, mentor, and staff developer. She is also a trainer for The Center for the Study of Learning and Teaching Styles.

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Lisa Nimz

Lisa Nimz, M.A., is a graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelors degree in music performance and holds a Masters degree from the National College of Education. She is currently a fifth grade teacher and has presented at national science and reading conferences.

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