Rebecca G. Harper

Rebecca G. Harper is an assistant professor at Augusta University. She received her Ph.D. in Language and Literacy from the University of South Carolina and gained hands-on experience as a middle school writing teacher. Dr. Harper is known for her energetic and engaging presentations as well as her passion for literacy. Her research interests include content-area literacy, student conceptualization of writing, teacher beliefs, and critical literacy. She lives in Aiken, SC with her husband, Will, and children, Amelia, Macy Belle, and Vin.

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Shell Education

    Content Area Writing that Rocks (and Works!)

    Grade: 3-12

    Content Area Writing that Rocks (and Works!)

    Grade: 3-12

    • Interest Level: 2-12
    • Item Number: 51650
    • ISBN: 9781425816506

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    Create an innovative classroom where students develop writing skills by learning strategies based on their interests in technology, social media, and other topics. Students apply these tools and strategies to build college and career readiness skills.