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American Heroes

ISBN: 9781425825553
Item: 29629E

Learn about heroes from US history while acting out this entertaining story! Joey has to complete a school project on heroes. Imagine his surprise when he opens a book and magically brings famous historical figures to life! With help from Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, Sally Ride, Cesar Chavez, and the State of Liberty, Joey learns about their important contributions. The roles in this leveled script match different reading levels, enabling teachers to use differentiation and English language learner strategies in their instruction. These strategies allow all students to engage in the same activity, regardless of their current reading level, as they gain confidence in their reading fluency. Students will also practice reading aloud, interacting cooperatively, and using expressive voices and gestures while performing the story together. An accompanying poem and song give readers additional resources to practice fluency. This dynamic script is the perfect tool to engage a classroom of varied readers.

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