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Biographies: Earth and Space Science 8-Book Set

ISBN: 9781493808090
Item: 22809

Explore the lives of significant scientists and discover what their brilliant brains were capable of in this intriguing collection. Readers will become familiar with influential astronomers, geologists, and more, in addition to learning about various Earth and space topics through the engaging books in this collection. The easy-to-read text, accessible glossary, helpful index, and intriguing facts work in conjunction with the lively images and captivating lab activities in each book to engage readers from beginning to end! Titles include: Weather Scientists; The First Geologists; Water Scientists; Pioneers of Earth Science; Alfred Wegener: Uncovering Plate Tectonics; Astronomers Through Time; From Hubble to Hubble: Astronomers and Outer Space; and Rachel Carson: Nature's Guardian.

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