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Biographies: Life Science 8-Book Set

ISBN: 9781493808113
Item: 22811

Discover what the life scientists in this collection have accomplished to become well-known throughout history and today! Readers will enjoy learning about these inspiring individuals in addition to becoming familiar with various life science topics. Books in this collection feature easy-to-read text, an accessible glossary, helpful index, and intriguing facts that work in conjunction with the lively images and captivating lab activities to engage readers from beginning to end!

Titles include:

  • Cell Scientists: Discovering How Cells Work
  • Pioneers in Cell Biology
  • Louis Pasteur and the Fight Against Germs
  • George Washington Carver: Agriculture Pioneer
  • Pioneering Ecologists
  • Jane Goodall: Animal Scientist and Friend
  • Hippocrates: Making the Way for Medicine
  • Gregor Mendel: Genetics Pioneer

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