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Biographies: World History 8-Book Set

ISBN: 9781493808151
Item: 22815

Take a journey into the lives of famous rulers, inventors, and artists throughout world history with this engaging collection. From Justinian I of the Byzantine Empire to Geoffrey Chaucer's creation of the Canterbury Tales, readers will enjoy learning about the amazing things these important figures where capable of. Featuring high-interest, easy-to-read text, vivid photos, colorful images, primary sources, a helpful glossary of terms, and more, readers will be engaged from cover to cover.

Titles include:

  • Justinian I: Byzantine Emperor
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: Medieval Writer
  • Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Artist and Inventor
  • Martin Luther: A Reforming Spirit
  • Marie Antoinette: Controversial Queen of France
  • John Locke: Philosopher of the Enlightenment
  • Cecil Rhodes: The Man Who Expanded an Empire

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