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Building Vocabulary with Greek and Latin Roots: A Professional Guide to Word Knowledge and Vocabulary Development

ISBN: 9780743916448
Item: 111733E

This teacher-friendly guide provides the latest research on how to teach Greek and Latin roots. With a research-based rationale for addressing vocabulary in the classroom, this K-12 resource is filled with strategies for improving comprehension, planning instructional routines, and building a word-rich learning environment. With anecdotes from teachers on how the authors' suggestions play out in real life, this book goes beyond the research with clear connections to today's classrooms. This 2nd edition resource includes:

  • Cross-curricular content including words found in all content areas
  • Specific strategies to teach roots when differentiating for above-level, below-level, and English language learners
  • Spelling Matters supports teacher capacity with common errors or spelling issues
  • Cognate Connections clearly lays out how to support Spanish speakers by making Spanish-English connections
  • Partners with Building Vocabulary 2nd Edition Kits to enhance instruction

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