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Exploring Alexander Hamilton 9-Book Set

ISBN: 9781425833008
Item: 28620

Excite and engage students with amazing books that retell the life and times of Alexander Hamilton. Through fascinating sidebars, primary sources, and complex text features, students will build their content knowledge as well as their critical-literacy skills. This set also includes the literature guide Hamilton: An American Musical. This standards-based text provides rigorous activities and questions for teachers studying Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway play.

Students will learn how to analyze story elements, develop vocabulary, and integrate higher-order thinking skills as they practice close reading and text-dependent questions. A rubric and cross-curricular questions are included to assess student comprehension in a classroom. Through these engaging readers, students will not "miss their shot" to become huge Hamilton fans! This set includes:

  • True Life: Alexander Hamilton
  • Game Changers: Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Alexander Hamilton's New York City
  • The Schuyler Sisters
  • Marquis de Lafayette and the French
  • Hamilton vs. Jefferson
  • Aaron Burr: More Than a Villain
  • George Washington and His Right-Hand Man
  • Hamilton: An American Musical: An Instructional Guide for Literature

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