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Forming a New Government

ISBN: 9781480756854
Item: 25083E
Stephanie Paris

With the Forming a New Government e-Book, students will examine the choices that were made after the colonies decided they wanted to form a new country. This nonfiction reader explores some of the ideas and opinions of what the country should do with the rising tension among the American Colonies and Great Britain, and also looks at the Constitution of the United States, Connecticut Compromise, and Bill of Rights. Fuel a curiosity for learning with these nonfiction readers filled with primary source material. Artifacts from long ago offer students a snapshot of what life was like back then.

  • Build literacy and social studies content knowledge
  • Appropriately leveled content provides access to every type of learner
  • Includes text features such as captions, bold print, glossary, and index to increase understanding and build academic vocabulary
  • Aligned to McREL, WIDA/TESOL, NCSS/C3 Framework and other state standards, this text readies students for college and career readiness

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