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From Medieval to Renaissance 6-Book Set

ISBN: 9781480748859
Item: 21885

Find out what life was like during the Middle Ages in England and how change and cultural rebirth came about during the Renaissance with this informative collection. From the Medieval times to the Renaissance era, readers will discover the many creative aspects that began in this time period. The detailed images and captivating facts and sidebars work in conjunction with easy-to-read text, glossary, and index to give readers an enjoyable and engaging reading experience that introduces them to such topics as The Reformation, Geoffrey Chaucer's works, Leonardo de Vinci, and more. Titles in this collection include:

  • Medieval Times: England in the Middle Ages
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: Medieval Writer
  • The Reformation: A Religious Revolution
  • Martin Luther: A Reforming Spirit
  • The Renaissance: A Rebirth in Culture
  • Leonardo de Vinci: Renaissance Artist and Inventor

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