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Leaders in Texas History 8-Book Set

ISBN: 9781493808410
Item: 22841

Learn about some of the most influential figures in Texas' history. These inspiring leaders helped shape the lone star state. This set includes several captivating biographies that allow readers to learn about the incredible accomplishments of Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Lyndon B. Johnson, and other famous Texans. Students will also learn about American Indian tribes in Texas and the Texas Revolution. Each of these 8 books feature vivid images and illustrations, supportive text, an accommodating glossary and index, and fascinating facts to keep readers engaged from cover to cover.

This set includes:

  • Stephen F. Austin: The Father of Texas
  • Leaders in the Texas Revolution: United for a Cause
  • Lizzie Johnson: Texan Cowgirl
  • Caddo and Comanche: American Indian Tribes in Texas
  • Sam Houston: Fearless Statesman
  • LaSalle: Early Texas Explorer
  • George W. Bush: Texan Governor and U.S. President
  • Lyndon B. Johnson: A Texan in the White House

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