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Leveled Texts for Mathematics: Data Analysis and Probability

ISBN: 9781425807559
Item: 50755
Stephanie Paris

Engage and inspire students to read and comprehend a variety of mathematical concepts! With topics such as collecting data, constructing graphs, and analyzing statistics, this resource offers 15 sets of informational text written at four different reading levels with matching visuals and text structures. Leveled comprehension questions and a practice problem follow each text passage to promote class discussion and allow for students to apply what they learned. Although the reading levels have been differentiated, each passage, including the graphics, appears the same to students. The graphics also serve as much-needed visual support, especially for English language learners. This combination of leveling and graphics makes differentiating mathematics content quick and easy for teachers. This resource is aligned to college and career readiness standards. Give all students access to the curriculum and build content-area literacy with these seamlessly differentiated texts!

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