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Teaching through Text Sets: The Changing Shape of Land Kit

ISBN: 9781493815128
Item: 23512

Guide students toward college and career readiness while promoting content-area literacy with these thematically grouped texts. Through a variety of genres and modalities, Teaching through Text Sets: The Changing Shape of Land Kit offers engaging opportunities for students to read from multiple perspectives, respond to text-dependent questions, analyze craft and structure, and integrate knowledge and ideas. Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, this comprehensive kit provides everything needed for a 2-week unit investigating how land changes and what causes it to change. This kit includes:

  • Read Aloud Introductory Text
  • Anchor Text (24 copies)
  • 3 Supporting Texts (6 copies each)
  • Extension Text (6 copies)
  • Teacher's Guide (48 pages) with easy-to-use lessons that provide:
    • Reading, writing, and content activities
    • Differentiation strategies
    • At-a-glance text set chart listing genre, modality, key content, Lexile measure, and suggested instructional setting
    • Graphic organizers, rubrics, a parent letter, and more
  • Digital resources
  • Audio CD
  • Multiple assessment options

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