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Texas Take-Home Backpacks: (Second Language Support) Preschool

ISBN: 9781425821753
Item: 29796

Provide Spanish-speaking parents and young learners with materials that support the development of foundational skills! Designed for English language learners and their families, this backpack features engaging books in English that will build basic reading, comprehension, and language development skills through traditional song or nursery rhyme books. The bright illustrations and simple text work together to create enchanting stories that children will want to follow along with and read aloud.

These resources will build the confidence of beginning readers as they embark on their journey into the world of reading, and the Parent Tip Card provides tips for parents to engage with their students while using the books. Prepare students for their first school experiences with this fun collection of resources!

Texas Take-Home Backpack: (Second Language Support) Preschool includes:

  • Parent Tip Card (Spanish Version)
  • Student Writing Journal
  • Four Early Childhood Themes books at appropriate reading levels

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