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The New England Colonies: A Place for Puritans

ISBN: 9781480756779
Item: 25075E

Students will learn more about the group that traveled across the Atlantic to create New England with The New England Colonies: A Place for Puritans e-Book. This rigorous informational text examines Puritan Society, including family life, Puritan women, town systems, and more. Spark a curiosity among your students and connect them to events from a long ago with these nonfiction readers that feature primary source material.

  • Build literacy and social studies content knowledge
  • Appropriately leveled content provides access to every type of learner
  • Includes text features such as captions, bold print, glossary, and index to increase understanding and build academic vocabulary
  • Aligned to McREL, WIDA/TESOL, NCSS/C3 Framework and other state standards, this text readies students for college and career readiness

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