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The Powerful Ocean

ISBN: 9781480747265

Out of all the water on Earth, 96 percent of it is found in the ocean. And yet, we know more about space than the dark depths of our own ocean. Dive into the wild waters of the hydrosphere to explore discoveries about our ocean's habitats, life, and zones in this engaging science book.

From the abyssal plain to the continental shelf, fifth-grade readers will learn all about underwater land features, tectonic plates, currents and waves, the hydrologic cycle, the ocean's effects on climate, and more through this high-interest informational text filled with vibrant photographs. Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, a hands-on "Think Like a Scientist" lab activity and a "Your Turn" page at the end of the book support STEM Education and provide young scientists with an opportunity to apply what they've learned in the text. Helpful diagrams and text features, such as a glossary and index, are also included to reinforce content-area literacy and improve close reading.

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