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The State of Texas 8-Book Set

ISBN: 9781493808762
Item: 22876

Cover the fascinating, expansive history of the state of Texas with this 8-book set. From the Texas Revolution to the annexation of Texas, readers will learn all about the turmoil of Texas' early statehood. Students will also learn about the industries that helped Texas flourish and become the industrial state it is today. Each title will keep readers engaged from cover to cover with colorful images and captivating facts.

This set includes:

  • Texas in the 20th Century: Building Industry and Community
  • Texas Today: Leading America into the Future
  • The Texas Revolution: Fighting for Independence
  • The Colonization of Texas: Missions and Settlers
  • Finding Texas: Exploration in New Lands
  • The Annexation of Texas: From Republic to Statehood
  • War, Cattle, and Cowboys: Texas as a Young State
  • American Indians in Texas: Conflict and Survival

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