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TIME FOR KIDS® Informational Text Grade 5 Readers Set 1 10-Book Set

ISBN: 9781433372537
Item: 18253

Do you know how to spot a pirate or make your money grow? These are but two of the many nonfiction topics featured in this fun and entertaining set. You'll explore underwater creatures, natural disasters, and much more with engaging layouts, conversational-style text, and plenty of sidebars. This set includes 10 titles:

  • Demons of the Deep
  • 20th Century: Race to the Moon
  • Bad Guys and Gals on the High Seas
  • All in a Day's Work: Police Officer
  • Making Money Grow
  • Endangered Animals of the Sea
  • Vroom! Speed and Acceleration
  • Fearless! Stunt People
  • Unforgettable Natural Disasters
  • The Cutting Edge Breakthroughs in Technology

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