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TIME FOR KIDS Math/Science Grades K-1, 8-Book Set

ISBN: 9781493887927
Item: 100715

Build students' literacy skills while introducing them to math and science concepts such as counting, colors, the seasons, and animals. Featuring TIME For Kids content, these nonfiction books feature exact text-to-image relationships to help beginning readers develop their foundational literacy skills. Informational text features include a glossary and bold font to increase understanding and build vocabulary. With vibrant images and simple text, these high-interest books will keep students reading from cover to cover. This set includes the following titles:

  • Counting: Your Body
  • Life in Numbers: Our Favorites
  • Communicate! Animal Talk
  • Fantastic Kids: Care for Animals
  • Showdown: Animal Groups
  • Counting: The Seasons
  • Life in Numbers: Smart Shoppers
  • The Best You: Calm Down

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