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TIME FX! Cool Special Effects, 3-Book Set

ISBN: 9781425845971
Item: 27648

Engage students with this set of high-interest nonfiction readers! Students will not be able to put down these books as they read about special effects, CGI, costumes, prosthetic makeup, and the behind-the-scenes details of making movies. Developed by one of the leading experts in reading research-Timothy Rasinksi-these full-color informational texts will boost students' critical literacy and reading comprehension skills. These texts are purposely leveled to increase fluency while engaging different learner types, and each book contains captivating images, sidebars, an index, and a glossary. The Try It! activities encourage students to develop their higher order thinking skills, and Stop! Think! sidebars require students to answer text-dependent questions. Aligned with Common Core State Standards, these texts connect with McREL and WIDA/TESOL standards. The complex and rigorous content will prepare middle school students for college and career readiness. Titles included in this set:

  • FX! Lighting and Sound
  • FX! Costumes and Makeup
  • FX! Computer-Generated Imagery

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