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TIME® Nonfiction Readers: Grade 7 Add-on Pack

ISBN: 9781493835928
Item: 25592

The TIME Nonfiction Readers, Grade 7 Add-On Pack offers an exciting mix of high-interest readers in the science, social studies, and mathematics subject areas. Developed by one of the leading experts in reading research-Timothy Rasinski-this Add-On Pack provides a collection of texts highlighting interesting topics to add to your classroom library. Aligned with Common Core State Standards, TIME Nonfiction Readers, Grade 7 connects with McREL, WIDA/TESOL standards and prepares students for college and career. This Add-On Pack includes a copy of the following nonfiction readers:

  • No Way! Spectacular Sports Stories
  • No Way! Jolting Jumps
  • No Way! Amazing Acrobatics
  • FX! Lighting and Sound
  • FX! Makeup and Costumes
  • FX! Computer-Generated Imagery
  • You Are There! Pompeii 79
  • You Are There! London 1666
  • You Are There! San Francisco 1906
  • Stepping into William Shakespeare's World
  • Stepping into Louisa May Alcott's World
  • Stepping into Mark Twain's World
  • STEM Careers: Metamorphosis of Medicine
  • STEM Careers: Enhancing Engineering
  • STEM Careers: Reinventing Robotics
  • 16th Century Superstar: Da Vinci
  • 18th Century Superstar: Mozart
  • 20th Century Superstar: Curie

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