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TIME® Nonfiction Readers: Grade 8 Kit

ISBN: 9781493835904
Item: 25590

Build reading skills with this comprehensive kit that offers exciting informational texts in the science, social studies, and mathematics subject areas, highlighting intriguing topics for middle school students. Developed by one of the leading experts in reading research - Timothy Rasinski - this extensive kit offers strategies to teach nonfiction content and boost student reading skills. This kit comes with 18 high-interest texts, purposefully leveled to increase comprehension and engage different types of learners. Each text features complex and rigorous content with different types of readers including: Narrative (biography and memoir), Exposition (high level of text complexity broken into chapters), and Compendium (independent chapters with various genres in one book). Aligned with Common Core State Standards, TIME Nonfiction Readers: Grade 8 Kit connects with McREL, WIDA/TESOL standards and prepares students for college and career. This extensive kit includes:

  • Nonfiction Readers - 18 titles, 6 copies each, 32-64 pages per book in print and digital formats
  • Teacher's Guide - provides a theme lesson overview and content-focused writing activity for each trio of readers, a 5-page lesson plan for each title, answer keys, model lessons, and academic vocabulary
  • Assessment Guide - fluency and writing rubrics, as well as best practices
  • Digital and audio resources - includes student reproducibles, resources for school-home connection, and professional audio recordings to provide additional support for English language learners
  • Interactive e-Books - each title includes embedded video to support diverse media instruction

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