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TIME You Are There! Devastation, 3-Book Set

ISBN: 9781425845988
Item: 27649

Developed by one of the leading experts in reading research-Timothy Rasinksi-this 3-book set of nonfiction readers provides strategies to teach nonfiction content and boost student reading skills. The You Are There! Devastation 3-Book Set focuses on significant natural disasters in history. Students will build their critical literacy skills while they are immersed in intriguing subject area content. These high-interest informational texts are purposely leveled to increase fluency and comprehension while engaging different learner types. Each full-color book contains captivating images, interesting sidebars, an index, and a glossary. Aligned with Common Core State Standards, these texts connect with McREL and WIDA/TESOL standards. The complex and rigorous content will prepare middle school students for college and career readiness.

Titles included in this set:

  • You Are There! Pompeii 79
  • You Are There! London 1666
  • You Are There! San Francisco 1906

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