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What's the History? 6-Book Set

ISBN: 9781480722217
Item: 20221

Cha-ching! How often do you see money and how do people use it? Take a journey through time and discover when and why money was invented, how tools have allowed humans to evolve, and why baseball is a favorite pastime. This 6-book collection combines stories from Fiction Readers and informational text found in TIME FOR KIDSĀ® Nonfiction Readers to introduce students to multiple text types as called for in the Common Core and other state standards. Both the fiction and nonfiction books contain high-interest text, vibrant illustrations and images, age-appropriate text features, and increasingly complex vocabulary. The titles in this collection include:

  • A Baseball Giant
  • The Mystery of the Grand Bazaar
  • The Dream Team
  • Batter Up! History of Baseball
  • Hit It! History of Tools
  • Buy It! History of Money

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