English Language Development

Teacher Created Materials offers educational products that develop language proficiency skills that provide strategies to connect content and language to help students become successful life-long learners.

Professional Learning


Language Power


Empower language learners to build English-language proficiency with this portable, highly differentiated, and rich instructional resource. Each kit provides rigorous English language development instruction in the four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will acquire and use a wide range of vocabulary and writing structures.

Strategies for Connecting Content & Language for ELLs

Develop English language learners' academic proficiency in core content areas through the strategies presented in these resources. These practical guides provide research-based instructional strategies to ensure comprehensible input and help promote students' language development in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Strategies for English Learners in Your Classroom


This 6-page guide offers insightful strategies to help content-area teachers create a conducive learning environment for ELL students. No matter if you're teaching virtually or in-person, this quick-tip guide will make English learner instruction easier by providing specific techniques, general guidance, and the foundations for innovation.

Integrated English Language Development

English learners face the task of trying to problem-solve their way through content while learning a new language. This powerful resource helps teachers develop the strategies to teach their subject matter in a way that empowers all students to learn. It provides research-based instructional strategies to immerse students in content while promoting oral and written language development.

Connecting Content and Language for English Language Learners

 Bridge the gap between content and language and put research into practice to instruct English language learners with strategies that meet their needs in language development and literacy. This must-have book reviews the author's experiences as a teacher in a diverse instructional setting and discusses the challenges and successes teachers experience in the ELL classroom.


Helping English Language Learners Succeed

Guide your English language learners toward academic success with instructional practices, approaches, and strategies that are rooted in current research findings and best practices. This resource incorporates effective models and background information in its practices that further writing, listening and speaking, reading comprehension, and vocabulary development.

Professional Development

Keynote Presentations


We are proud to work with some of the most well-known and in-demand authors and experts in the field of English Language Development.

Our keynote presentations and webinars feature a blend of live and virtual learning opportunities.



Build your teachers' capacity and effectiveness in working with English learners. We provide engaging workshops for small groups or your entire staff with a focus on high-yield strategies geared toward best practice in language development. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to apply and demonstrate what they learn. Workshops can be delivered live, pre-recorded or in a format that combines the two.

Best Practices Webinars


Webinars are our most flexible option and a great tool to extend and sustain professional learning. We design our Best Practices Webinars to meet the needs of your educators based on the areas of improvement that you determine.




Our ongoing coaching support is targeted to specific professional learning goals that are designed to keep educators on the path to success when teaching your English Language Learners.

Virtual Product Launch for Language Power 

We'll help you to effectively implement our Language Power resource and maximize your investment. When you add our Virtual Product Launch to your order, you will have continued access to effective implementation practices provided by one of our content area experts.

On-Demand Webinars


Our quick, on-demand webinars provide educators with robust professional learning based on  effective strategies for teaching English Language Learners. Our webinars are a great tool to sustain professional learning and to focus on a key topic or strategy.