Diane Nettles

Diane Nettles, Ph.D., is a professor at California University of Pennsylvania and teaches reading methods courses. She has written several books on literacy instruction and professional development, in addition to presenting numerous workshops to inservice teachers. She taught in grades 1 through 4 for seven years.

Titles From This Author

Teachers - Classroom Resources

    Strategies for Powerful Comprehension…

    Grade: K-8

    Strategies for Powerful Comprehension Instruction: It Takes More Than Mentioning

    Grade: K-8

    • Interest Level: PK-10
    • Item Number: 50632
    • ISBN: 9781425806323

    Price: $99.99

    Understanding text is key to students' learning success! This notebook provides explicit instructions for teaching six fundamental comprehension strategies; predicting, making connections, visualizing, questioning, inferring, and summarizing.

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