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180 Days 3 Book Bundle - Reading, Writing & Problem Solving Grade K

ISBN: 9781425817619
Item: 51761

Provide kindergarten teachers and parents with 180 daily student practice activities to build and gauge students' reading comprehension and word study skills, writing proficiency, and problem-solving skills. Ideal for after-school programs, intervention programs, or as workbooks used at home, students will gain regular practice through these quick and rigorous activities. Choose from a variety of fiction and nonfiction passages included in 180 Days of Reading, theme-based units that help guide students through the five steps of the writing process with 180 Days of Writing, multi-step, higher level word problems with 180 Days of Problem Solving, and much more! Titles include: 180 Days of Reading for Kindergarten; 180 Days of Writing for Kindergarten; 180 Days of Problem Solving for Kindergarten.

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