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Summer Blast: Getting Ready for First Grade

ISBN: 9781425815516
Item: 51551
Jodene Smith

Blast away summer learning loss and prepare students for 1st grade with the engaging cross-curricular activities and parental support tools in this standards-based resource.

Energize students in the summer months with 9 weeks of fun, theme-based units focusing on key skills and objectives from kindergarten and the beginning of 1st grade. The full-color student practice pages feature 27 language arts, 27 mathematics, and 27 critical and creative thinking activities while supporting content learning in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and art. With critical-thinking puzzles and a theme-based art activity for each unit, students will develop important 21st century skills.

This resource also addresses key features and shifts of today's standards which prepares parents to help their child successfully navigate Common Core and other standards. Additionally, parents are provided with easy-to-implement family activities that foster everyday learning, including:

  • Learning opportunities on common family field trips
  • Website-based science labs with online procedures and ideas
  • Top 5 lists of books to read aloud, games to play in the car, and recommended educational websites and apps

Parents will like the easy-to-use structure of this book, and learners will be excited to complete the activities on their own and with their families.

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