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Applying Differentiation Strategies: Teacher's Handbook for Grades K-2

ISBN: 9781425806385
Wendy Conklin

Give all learners in grades K-2 the opportunity for success in the classroom! This resource will teach you how to differentiate your lessons through content, process, and product in order to effectively accommodate all learning levels and styles of learning. Globally-focused social studies sample lessons and additional templates for use in lesson planning have been included in this latest edition. A variety of instructional strategies are featured including: Choices, Inquiry-Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Questioning, Self-Paced Strategies, and Tiered Assignments. All the strategies are anchored in extensive research on the importance of differentiation and addressing a variety of learning styles. Sample lessons are included in this notebook plus digital resources. This resource is correlated to College and Career Readiness and other state standards.

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