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Build Reading Fluency: Practice and Performance with Reader's Theater and More

ISBN: 9798765903216

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Discover innovative ways to incorporate fluency practice into literacy instruction! This professional development resource provides teachers with engaging and practical strategies for bringing fluency instruction into daily reading routines.

Build Reading Fluency: Practice and Performance with Reader's Theater and More, 2nd Edition includes:

  • Research based instruction and assessment from the science of reading
  • Teacher strategies for boosting reading skills and reading comprehension
  • Resources and ideas for organizing a reader’s theater program
  • Tips for family and student engagement
  • Tips to Ponder with each chapter

Written by Timothy Rasinski and Chase Young, this second edition is updated with new instructional strategies and interventions to help teachers understand fluency and how to teach it. These two educators have combined their expertise in fluency, literacy, and reader’s theater to create a meaningful guide for teachers to provide authentic purposeful reading opportunities for their students. With this book, teachers have all the tools they need to improve fluency, vocabulary, and automaticity in their students. Help every student become a confident and fluent reader with this relevant resource!

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