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Content Area Writing that Rocks (and Works!)

ISBN: 9781425816506
Rebecca G. Harper

Today's students must know how to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. Create an innovative and collaborative classroom environment where students enjoy writing with this standards-based resource. Grades 3-12 students will learn key strategies to improve their writing skills based on their interests in technology, social media, and other relevant and contemporary topics.

Teachers are provided with engaging ideas to support writing instruction across all content areas including suggestions for differentiation and assessment. Students will implement tools for thinking, processing, and reflecting to develop college and career readiness skills. Written by Rebecca G. Harper, each section is devoted to an essential skill with several activities that can be used to teach each skill and there are 26 skill-specific strategies. Chapters include:

  • Content-Area Literacy and Writing
  • Writing to Think
  • Writing to Prove
  • Writing to Learn Vocabulary
  • Writing to Summarize
  • Writing to Organize

With background information, practical activities, useful tips, and fun anecdotes, this is an essential resource for teaching writing in 21st century classrooms.

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