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Creating Social and Emotional Learning Environments

ISBN: 9781493888320

If there's one thing teachers can agree on, it's that social and emotional learning is a hot topic in education. But beyond this, questions still remain. Many educators have wondered:

  • What exactly is SEL?
  • How should it be taught?
  • What does it look like in the classroom?
  • How do we teach students non-academic life skills?
  • Is it our job as educators to teach SEL?

If there's one thing teachers should agree on, it's that creating a culture and climate conducive to fostering SEL is something we should all strive toward as educators. How can this resource help? Based on author Dr. Amy Cranston's experiences with implementing SEL from a practical standpoint, this book:

  • Defines SEL and digs into the real work of how to incorporate SEL in K-12 schools
  • Makes the connection between research and practical application
  • Supports all educators from various instructional settings
  • Addresses students' different interests and varied learning styles
  • Helps teachers recognize alternative opportunities for engaging students in activities that support SEL

This resource helps educators effectively implement SEL programming through:

  • Real-life examples and testimonials of SEL in the classroom
  • Mindful Moments that encourage understanding, learning, and reflection
  • Case studies that demonstrate real-life applications of SEL in different types of K-12 learning environments

By supporting the emotional needs of students, educators will not only address issues such as discipline problems and absenteeism, but will help their students to be more mindful and self-aware. This invaluable resource is essential not just for today's students, but for tomorrow's citizens.

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