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Information Literacy: Separating Fact from Fiction

ISBN: 9781425817565

From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, we are bombarded with words, images, and videos, all presented in a dizzying array of media. Our increasingly difficult job is to make sense of the information we encounter throughout the day. Understanding and evaluating where information comes from and knowing how to separate fact from fiction are critical skills that many students do not have. This resource written by Sara Armstrong and Pamela Brunskill provides educators with the tools they need to help students:

  • Become critical thinkers and users of information from multiple sources
  • Assimilate information and discard unusable facts
  • Become global thinkers who actively analyze, assess, and apply their learning not just to the classroom, but to the world around them

This book includes activities and easy-to-use templates to support teachers as they teach the key skills of analyzing and understanding online information. It is divided into three sections to guide teachers through the lessons and activities needed to encourage critical reasoning and successful information literacy: Finding Information, Analyzing Information, and Using Information.

Additional resources are provided in the appendices to further support teachers. An extensive list of recommended websites, software applications, digital information sites, and apps is also included. Equip students with the skills they need to become 21st century thinkers with this standards-based resource.

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