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My View, My Voice, Levels 3-5

ISBN: 9781425816988

This essential classroom resource provides educators with a solid foundation in teaching persuasive writing. Grades 3-5 students will learn persuasive writing techniques and strategies on how to research topics, form opinions, support their arguments, and present their ideas. Engage students with high-interest, age-appropriate persuasive pieces including editorials, infographics, advertisements, and social media posts that are highly relevant to 21st century audiences.

Students will learn how to evaluate the credibility of evidence presented by others, practice exploring conflicting views, establish sound opinions and arguments that are free from emotion and judgment, and defend their views with logic and evidence. At a time when both the ability to write persuasively and to analyze persuasive writing has never been greater, this resource equips students with the knowledge that their views and voices can empower them to engage in productive debates and make positive change. This resource includes:

  • 21 persuasive writing strategies
  • 10 easy-to-implement lesson plans (each lesson covers one of the 21 strategies)
  • Graphic organizers, anchor charts, sample persuasive writing units, proficiency checklists, literature selections, student writing samples
  • Questions for teachers to assess professional growth at the end of each section

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